3 ‘Dont’s’ you need to know before you redo a bathroom

Many homeowners choose to add value to their homes by selecting to redo a bathroom

But remodeling a bathroom is a massive project, and even many homeowners with experience in DIY underestimate the project’s scope.

Before you set out consult our handy list of three things you absolutely shouldn’t do.

1) Don’t Go In Without a Plan

The time to plan your new bathroom isn’t when its tiles are being torn out.

Instead, sit down with an interior designer or other professional, and plan your new bathroom out.

Look through magazines or websites for ideas, or browse through your local hardware store.

Listen to your designer’s input about what could make your bathroom look its best, and trade ideas back and forth until you arrive at a final vision.

When you redo a bathroom with a solid plan, you’ll have a better conception of the project’s budget.

You’ll also know exactly what needs doing, which will help you create an order of operations and a timeline, as well as a clear start and end point.

Making a plan to redo a bathroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay flexible.

You may come up with a terrific idea midway through, when you remodel a bathroom, or your budget may change, causing you to downscale. But going in without a good plan is courting disaster.

2) Don’t Cut Corners

When you choose to redo a bathroom, you may be tempted to shop around for the best deals on designs, materials, and labor.

Don’t! This isn’t an ordinary project: you’re making an investment in your home.

By seeking out the very best for your bathroom, in all its aspects, you’ll create a beautiful space that you can be proud of, with minimal headaches.

But if you skimp on hiring a designer, you’ll get a less attractive bathroom.

If you skimp on labor, your project may take longer and come out less well, ironically costing you more in the long run.

And if you skimp on materials, your bathroom will look chintzy at best, and may need frequent and costly repairs at worst.

3) Don’t Do It Yourself

This one is negotiable. Obviously, if your project is very limited in scope and you have the necessary expertise, you can redo a bathroom alone.

But if you’re planning anything of real size and scope, it’s better to hire one or more professionals to design or execute your project. The outcome will look better, and you’ll save time, money and headaches.

One of the most challenging, yet rewarding, home remodeling projects is to redo a bathroom.

But if you go in with your eyes open, plan ahead and get help where you need it, your bathroom will be fully functional and look its best for years and years to come.