5 Bathroom remodel ideas that you will love (and need!)

Bathroom remodeling is big in home reclamation and renovation.

A proper bathroom remodel will not only make the home more comfortable but also improve its market value.

Choosing the right bathroom remodel ideas might be tricky especially if you are renovating with a wide target audience in mind.

With more and more people ready to spend over $15,000 on their bathroom remodeling, it is up to you to step up your game and come up with impressive ideas that will be worth the money.

Here are five bathroom remodel ideas that will definitely impress.

Throw in a Shower Stall

More homeowners want a house they can grow up and age in.

They will tend to do a remodel that will accommodate them as time goes by.

With modern shower heads making standing under the shower as interesting as soaking in a bathtub, you’ll be surprised to find out many homeowners would sooner pay for a fancy shower stall than spend a fortune on a bath tub.

You will have to center the bathroom remodel ideas on fancy and futuristic designs that make the stall and your bathroom remodel ideas something just a whisker shy of science fiction.

bathroom remodel shower stall

Refinish the bathtub rather than replace it

If you want to save money and do more, your bathroom remodel ideas should rarely replace existent bathtubs.

If the bathtub isn’t cracked, consider realigning it and giving it a new surrounding or an extra set of features that coincide with your bathroom remodel ideas.

Swapping the faucets or changing the tiles around the tub will make it look new. Don’t forget to scrub it down and treat any stains and blemishes that will give your bathroom remodel ideas away.

Play with the lighting and the mirrors

Wall lighting and mirrors will make the bathroom livelier.

Wall lights provide more illumination to crucial areas, for instance the sink or the opposite side of the mirror.

A strip of light over a full-length mirror makes grooming easier while giving your bathroom a bigger illusion. Don’t forget to toy with the mirror frames and lighting hues to achieve an artistic look across the bathroom.

bathroom remodel ideas

Use some wall coverings

People with bigger bathrooms welcome the wall covering idea.

If you can deliver a couple of moisture tolerant coverings that are easy to clean, you will help the homeowner set the mood right after implement the bathroom remodel ideas.  

Alternatively, you could use vinyl wallpaper to accomplish the patterns your client wants to bring to life.

Wall coverings come and go. You must ensure that the homeowner understands this before choosing the ultimate covering option.

Go green

Everybody loves green.

You will be surprised to find out how fast people warm up to repurposed bathroom décor and fixtures or anything that has green plastered all over.

Go for bathroom remodel ideas that will help save on water, heating and lighting bills without sacrificing the homeowner’s comfort.

Choosing the right home remodel ideas is a matter of combining your imagination and available material to come up with a design that is as stunning as it is functional.

Anticipating what the homeowners expect will not only help you give the right quotes every moment but also ensure that you have access to the right material to implement the décor should you get hired.

bathroom recycle remodel ideas