5 Economic Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Modern Twist

Nowadays, having some changes around the bathroom can be made with just a few dollars, and yes, we know you’ve seen it happen on tv shows, where people redo the bathroom with ridiculously low budgets.

That’s why we went on a quest to find 5 ways you can make it happen, and finally, have a more modern looking bathroom.

1.Change the colors

It might be an obvious choice, however, to make it look more modern and comfy, we recommend using a neutral color palette (gray, black, white) with a smart amount of a different color.

This is a rising trend in bathrooms that won’t take time (or much money).


2. Add some nature to it

As  we said in our previous post about 2021 trends, one of the main events happening in every modern bathroom is the addition of plants or nature-like features.

You can start by adding a few flowers on the sink counter top, or go green and make an artificial moss wallpaper (as the one below).


3.- Light up

It’s amazing how a little change, such as the lighting, can make a huge difference in your bathroom look.

You can start by a single lamp or the whole ceiling lighting.

A modern trend is to have recessed lights in the whole place, as they add a sense of more ceiling height.


4.- Go linear

Another huge trend right now, that add a modern touch without expending a lot of money on a remodeling are linear drains.

This option gives you functionality and a modern feeling in your bathroom. You can be the coolest with nonvisible drain to match your bathroom flooring.


5.- Update Your Towel Game

Keep It Simple! Just add a rocking towel set (you can invest in a good fabric) that lasts and gives your bathroom a new feeling.