Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive With 9 Simple Tricks

Have you ever looked at a beautiful bathroom and wondered what takes its design to the next level?

Making your bathroom look expensive, chic, and neat is something every house-owner keeps in mind, if that’s your case, here are a few tricks for creating your very own oasis at a lower cost!

We did our homework and found different (and inexpensive) ways to make your bathrooms look more sophisticated without any real efforts!

9 Simple Tricks to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive:

  1. The fluffy factor

Begin by updating your towels and bath rug first!  Soft, fluffy, neutral-colored (or monochrome) towels turn your basic bathroom into a hotel-like paradise oasis.

  1. Don’t settle for basic lighting

Thought that warm and dimmed light only worked on the bedrooms? Installing a dimming switch can turn those bright lights into a more relaxed and sexy mood lighting, making your bathroom only more desirable.

If you can’t install dimmers, add small lamps, sconces, and candles.

  1. Scent for the senses

A relaxing scent around the room will instantly make you feel charmed by the second you walk in. Consider candles, potpourri, or scented diffusers for an immediate splash of fresh smell.

  1. Update your showerhead

Rainfall showerheads are softer and less grating, making each shower feel like you’re bathing in the most remote waterfall in Indonesia. Update your showerheads and instantly travel every time you take a shower!

  1. Art will bring us together

Most people forget to add personality to their bathrooms! Transforming your bathroom into a little museum will help to tie the whole room together! It’s also the perfect opportunity to add your own special touch! Find special pieces of artwork and begin hanging!

  1. A chair worthy of a king

Just picture yourself sitting in an elegant and greatly designed chair while moisturizing  your legs. Doesn’t this thought make you feel luxurious?

If you got any extra space in your bathroom,  adding extra seating like a small stool or ottoman will make your bathroom look fancy and upscale!

  1. Arrange artfully

Aesthetics matter, even in the bathroom! Keeping your toilet articles organized in artful and beautiful jars or adding small trays can mean the difference between a mess and an artful arrangement.

Being organized will make your bathroom even worthy of the visit of any OCD guest, or it will come in handy when looking for that pair of tweezers you always seem to misplace.

  1. Go green

Plants are always the answer when looking to add a bit of color to a room plus they help clear the air. Have you ever walked into a room where a beautiful cactus or a splendid orchid seem misplaced?

No, and that’s because plants just make everything prettier. Also, bathrooms’ humidity help them live longer!

  1. Get your bathtub stray!

Don’t ever fear of not reaching your loofah (or your glass of wine) again. Simply add a beautiful wooden bathtub tray and your bathroom will instantly look like a movie set!