4 Bathroom Space Saver Ideas

Bathroom space saver ideas always come in handy because they not only make your bathroom more functional but also help your room look organized.

Smart decisions concerning design can contribute to making the difference between being able to fit all your features and belongings into your existing bathroom or having to expand it.

Keep in mind that fitting all these features in one space when done right, won’t result into a cluttered space you’ll hate every time you walk in to take a shower.

To achieve this, we suggest four ways guaranteed to accommodate everything you need without turning your bathroom into a disaster!

Discover our 4 bathroom space saver ideas:

1. Wall-mounted toilets
These toilets have their thanks stored behind the wall, saving space in your bathroom. These extra inches are important because they determine how much space there should be in front of and around the commode.

2. Wall-mounted faucets
Mounted Faucets save you that precious surface area while countertop faucets require space between the sink and the wall. This faucet could mean the difference between being able to fit in a tight sink or not.

3. Hidden medicine cabinets.
These cabinets don’t intrude into the room and allow you to keep the clutter at bay, which is critical for a small bathroom. A great way to keep this particular feature out of sight is behind the bathroom’s mirror.

4. Clear glass shower doors.
Clear glass keeps everything open and larger while other types of surrounds can make a room cramped. Even though glass doors don’t save space per se, they help make a tight room look bigger.

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