The best shower drain materials in the market

Perhaps one of the most important components of your bathroom is the shower drain for your bathroom

Without a proper functioning shower drain, your shower is essentially useless and no one wants that.

With so many types of shower drains available on the market, it can be a difficult task deciphering which one is right for you.

As drains are becoming more and more decorative it’s essential to keep in mind the drain main function is to be able to efficiently remove water from the base of your shower.

Whether you choose a simple or ornate drain there are a few things that are more important than the design when choosing the best drain for your bathroom.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Drain for Your Bathroom


Deepening on the slope of your floor you can choose from a traditional point drain or a linear drain for your bathroom.

A traditional point drain requires the floor of the shower to be sloped on all sides to allow the water to funnel down the drain.

These type of drains come in a variety if shapes and styles and are typically made of marine grade stainless steel to withstand use and not rust.

Linear drains sit tight against the wall to prevent water from pooling.

Since they sit flush to a wall and are not in the middle like traditional drains, linear drains allow tiles of the shower floor to be more customizable.

These drains are available in a variety of different widths styles, and lengths. Linear drains are made out of stainless steel as well and are brushed to create a more finished look.

Flow Rate

There is not a one size it all when it comes to the drain for your bathroom.

There are a variety of factors you will need to keep in mind, most importantly your shower’s water flow rate.

The water flow rate of your shower is dependent on the water pressure, the size of your drain line, and the amount of water your shower head produces.

You’ll want to choose a shower drain for your bathroom that can remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible to avoid puddles and water damage to your floors.


Just as important as the drain for your bathroom is the waterproofing and barrier of your shower enclosure.

This is especially important if you have a linear drain since the water will be accumulating towards the edge of the shower.  

To ensure your shower doesn’t have any leakage you’ll want to install a linear drain that can drain the water rapidly enough to not sit against the shower door and have the floor area slightly pitched.

Finishing touches

When selecting between a linear or traditional drain for your bathroom you’ll be given a number of choices for style and color options.  

Both the linear and traditional drain can have decorative covers and grates to be more visually appealing.

Choosing the right drain for your shower can seem like a daunting task but you must spend the time selecting s quality product or your whole bathroom design will be ruined.