When is the best time to remodel a bathroom?

The ideal time to remodel a bathroom is after it’s been thoroughly planned.
  • After the scope of the project has been determined
  • After the budget is established
  • After discussions with your client about reasons for remodeling
The rising growth in construction leads to this tip for professionals: tell your customers about the number of jobs you have lined up and encourage them to select winter time to avoid delays and higher costs during the busy seasons of spring and fall. Summer is surprisingly a good season to remodel a bathroom as long as professionals don’t have customers queued up. Angie’s List says that tax refunds motivate homeowners in the spring while they are coming out of the winter hibernation months eager to start a new project. That’s why prices are driven higher and waits are longer beginning in April. Clients may eagerly seek to remodel a bathroom before the plan, and budget are completed–this is where you need to show them the facts. To win your client’s trust and repeat jobs, give them the best information to benefit their project and save them money. They will appreciate the advice and will win new customers for you when they talk about the success of their remodel. Word of mouth is still the best advertising. Houzz offers tips you can give your client about features. Here are a few when you remodel a bathroom:
  • Encourage 2″ drains to avoid clogs.
  • Slope the sill into the shower and use solid materials.
  • Small tiles provide better traction than large tiles.
The 2016 NKBA awards name no-threshold showers as the winning bathroom trend along with freestanding tubs, under mount sinks, floating vanities, and open storage. Some of these trends will update a bathroom nicely and offer the ongoing look of aging in place instead of dating the bathroom. They don’t have to exceed the budgeted amounts if you and your client shop carefully and consult a designer before you remodel a bathroom. This Old House suggests contacting the National Kitchen and Bath Association for its “41 Guidelines for Bathroom Planning” which your client can use to check their plan against. The more the client is invested in the plan and design, the better the physical remodel will go. Environmental considerations are important in a room where water use is the key component. Take a look at any of the Green Bathroom Remodel websites, such as the one at Houselogic, for clues to conserving water and electricity, and recycling old appliances. Every plan to remodel a bathroom should include eco-responsible products. Consumer Reports recommends a planning period of several weeks to several months, depending on the bathroom size. They encourage remodelers to start Pinterest accounts for free where they can store photos of items and colors they prefer. Clients should start this process long before they remodel a bathroom. Consumer Reports tests sinks, counters, toilets and other necessities; their tests rate many factors, including price, and can help you and your client make the best choices for their home. Consumer’s do’s and dont’s can offer substantiated advice for customers who want to remodel a bathroom. Go over the possibilities, trends, recommendations and award-winning designs with your clients who want to remodel a bathroom. They need to review as many options as possible so that a new idea won’t catch their eye halfway through the remodel; they will feel more confident about their selections, and you will sit a little easier as work proceeds.