Checklist Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation

If you are getting serious about remodeling your bathroom you probably have some key ideas in mind.

To make sure you don’t forget anything, use a checklist.

Whether you devise your own or use one of the online named below, the checklists can keep you on track.

Here are basic planning categories for your Bathroom Renovation. Below these are some online checklists from the experts.

  • Budget – decide how much you will spend
  • Measurements – carefully measure the spaces to be remodeled
  • Contractor or Do-It-Yourself – think about the costs and time for both
  • Plumbing – will you replace old pipes, how about tub/sink/toilet
  • Water damage – look for any signs of leaks, flooring deterioration, etc.
  • Functionality – who will use the bathroom, what do you want to change
  • Design – pull your ideas together, bathroom photos you like, colors, etc.

If you are a detail person there are two checklists you might like. Great Day’s 4-page thorough list includes questions like, “Will the electricity need to be moved/changed?” and “Do I need to remove wallpaper?.”

It gives space to write in dimensions for each item and lists things like the medicine cabinet and storage, items you might not have yet considered.

The “Bathroom Remodel Project Guide” from is found on HomeAdvisor. It’s for people who want to read up on the stages of a Bathroom Renovation, and then think through each stage such as the contract, costs, and choosing styles.

Its 25 pages are full of advice, definitions, examples and photographs. It doesn’t offer an actual checklist but there’s room in the margins to mark the items you like.

A short version checklist by Moen keeps track of whether you or a contractor will handle each item, and what materials you have decided on.

The Freshhome “Do This 15-Point Checklist Before Starting Your Bathroom Renovation” provides a narrative about each category to walk you through the project.

Angie’s List offers a condensed 2-page list with checkboxes and costs listed by percentage of the total for each feature.

This Old House solicited advice from the pros for their “Read this Before You Redo a Bath.” It’s not a checklist but has tips on what to do. The site also has how-to videos on many aspects of a Bathroom Renovation.

A huge part of any remodel is deciding what you like and putting it into a plan. Here are a few sites with lots of photos you can review for ideas about Bathroom Renovation.

If you find photos you like, bookmark them or print the photo. Be sure to write down what you liked about the ideas in each photo. You can add this information to your checklist when you firm up the choices.

The many details for a Bathroom Renovation are much easier to organize if you select a checklist that suits your working style and remodeling knowledge.

Personalize it and use the back to write down styles or colors that you want to explore. Make the details work for you.