Get your Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready

It’s holiday season! The perfect time to host little parties or have family and friends over, get your guest bathroom holiday ready with these simple tips.

If you are entertaining house guests during the holidays, we advise you to add thoughtful touches to your decor; your guests will not only appreciate it but it will also help turn an average visit into a truly memorable one.

It is a nice gesture to transform the guest bathroom into a comfortable, luxurious themed space. And we have a few tips you must keep in mind when getting your guest bathroom holiday ready.

6 Tips for Getting the Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready:

1. Remove the Clutter

Begin by clearing the clutter! If it doesn’t belong in the bathroom, get rid of it. If it’s broken or old, get rid of it. And if it drives you crazy every time you walk in, get rid of it too! Working on an organized and cleared bathroom will make your life much easier!

2. Give your bathroom a good scrub!

After getting rid of the clutter, give your bathroom a good scrub from top to bottom. Wipe down everything, mop the floors and scrub the tub and fixtures. We all know the feeling of walking into an impeccable bathroom…

3. Holiday Wreath

A wreath adds an instant holiday mood to any space!

Plus it’s more practical for bathrooms than flowers, which take up counter space. Remember you can create your own version from eucalyptus, which will add a fresh and energizing scent!

4. Linen Hand Towels

Replace everyday hand towels with holiday themed linen ones.

It’s a small change that will instantly make your bathroom feel luxurious will making your guests feel special. Just a quick note: Before you iron your linen, remember to dampen it first.

5. Extra Items for Guests

On this time of the year, most people rush out of their offices, pack and head to their destinations with a lot on their minds!

Since your guests may forget essentials, think ahead and buy a few extra items like cotton swabs, toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc. and place them somewhere visible, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

6. Light it Up!

When your guests walk into your bathroom, they should immediately feel relaxed. Add scented candles to your bathroom! Candles not only smell incredible but also a set the mood!

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