Which linear drain solve the issue of having an off center drain pipe


One of the most frequent issues you find happening not only in remodeling but even in new construction, is that the pipe is not exactly where you need it to be.

Frequently, the drainpipe is not centered in the middle of the wall or floor as it should be. Instead, it is off by a few inches. Typically, the issue is resolved by moving the pipe to the right location. However, the average cost of moving a drainpipe is between $500 and $850 or just ignoring and installing the drain in the wrong location, this will result in an unpleasant appearance of the shower area that will not contribute to the overall aesthetic.

We have good news for you, there are different linear drains that can help you address the dilemma we often encounter on new construction and remodeling jobs, as well as help avoid the expenses associated with moving a drainpipe.

Drain Outlet

Believe it or not, in most new construction or remodeling, the drainpipe is frequently located just a few inches off center. Usually that distance is within a maximum of 8 inches from where you really need it.

Linear Drain System: Supreme

One solution is a unique linear drain system that allows your installer to center the drain without moving the existing pipe. The drain base has an offset 2” outlet, as shown above. This feature allows the installer to rotate the base to accommodate a left or right position, and it has two sliders to connect the grate in a different position than the outlet.

This base can be installed in the shower without any extra labor, using any standard waterproofing method.

Supreme provides a flexible 8-inch range from the center of the shower to the left, or right, so the grate will be centered regardless of the position of the existing pipe. This allows your design to be maintained even when encountering unforeseen installation problems.

Here, on the left side of the slide, we are illustrating installation scenarios with the outlet in 3 different positions: in the top left picture, the outlet is within 8 inches left of center, the middle picture shows the outlet within 8” right of center, and the bottom picture shows the drain used in the center location.

What this picture demonstrates is the flexibility this specific linear drain offers in this and other scenarios. By specifying this linear drain you will be able to address any pipe location (maximum 8 inches off center) without plumbing changes.
Another advantage to this superior linear drain is that without any major effort, the grate can be cut to your specific length at the time of installation. When needed, multiple drains can be aligned to accommodate multiple outlets, increasing the water intake of the shower and even allowing for the design of an open and/or barrier-free wet room. This is an opportunity for adding functionality, design and value to a home or hotel room.

A quick recap about Supreme; this is one-of-a-kind Linear Shower Drain. This not only solves one of the biggest problems facing installers and plumbers in construction and remodeling today, but it also has a timeless yet modern design second to none.


What happens when the shower outlet is more than a couple of inches (more than 8”) off center?

In these cases, the best option would be an Adjustable Linear Drain.

Adjustable linear drains are extremely flexible. It allows your installer to easily modify the length of the grate and channel linear drain on-site to your exact specifications, additionally the outlet can be placed anywhere along the channel run.


The adjustable linear drain offers the greatest installation flexibility and the maximum degree of individuality when it comes to design. It was created to give modernity and beauty without restrictions.

The adjustable linear drain comes with a complete kit that will help you customize to your desired length without modifying your existing plumbing.

Which linear drain solves the issue of having an off-center drain pipe



This type of linear drain needs to be assembled on site. It requires a little bit of effort, but the steps are simple and easy to follow:

1. Have your shower area ready, waterproofing installed and tested

2. Calculate the finished drain length, allowing for wall & tile thickness, and 8” for the outlet section

3. Cut the channel where the center of the outlet section is and join the components to build the channel.

4. Secure the channel to the flange and trowel mortar to the required height

5. Install tile and grout

6. Done


The adjustable linear drain design is great not only for indoor showers with an off-set outlet or multiple outlets, but it is also a great solution for outdoor or exterior spaces. It can be installed along pool perimeters, outdoor kitchens, balconies, and terraces, providing a clean and sophisticated finish.

Additionally, the adjustable linear drain can be extended to any desired length.

Adjustable linear drain components can be connected to build desired length. You can also create a 90-degree angle by connecting two or more linear drains.

Thanks to its corrosion resistant properties, the adjustable linear drain is a great solution for both interior and exterior spaces.