Linear Drain: why choose it?


In this article, we are going to go in depth into linear drains, in which we are going to explain what a linear drain is, what their characteristics are in detail, why they are more functional, and more information with the aim of explaining why you should choose a linear drain over a conventional one.

Linear drains are very efficient, as they occupy a large surface area and have a high water storage and drainage capacity, which means that linear drains are very versatile for both indoors and outdoors. Apart from being versatile, they have many more positive features that we will now develop.

What is a linear drain?


A linear drain is an elongated rectilinear water outlet shape that maximizes the capture of water flow to a single outlet to provide the most efficient removal of liquid from the shower basin.

It is a new trend that has become trendy in the plumbing world. Apart from being very efficient, they provide a modern and innovative look, despite the fact that this style of drainage has been around for several years


Main features of linear drain


The main characteristics of a linear drain is that they are rectangular, they can be installed in different ways, which makes them very versatile, as they can be installed at the beginning of the shower, in the center of the shower or along the wall. The functionality of linear drains is that they allow water to flow through a channel under the shower floor to the drain.


Superior drainage 


Rectangular drains with a drainage system that has a rail that can collect a lot of water and direct it to the drain are considered superior drains, as they are much more efficient and have a greater drainage capacity.


Sleek and Space-Saving Design


We consider linear drains to be much more sleek and space-saving, because they are integrated into the shower linear drain design. It is not like the traditional drain which is at the point of inclination closest to the tap and in view of the shower user. Linear drains have designs that are integrated with the color of the bathroom floor and being so versatile in design makes them very elegant and space saving.


Easy Installation 


As we have mentioned before, linear drains are very versatile and flexible, since there are several models, both fixed, flexible and hybrid, which allows us to have several options of drains to install in different showers and allowing us to choose the model that best suits the shower, besides they are very simple to install, and we can install them either in the shower center drain or on one side or along a wall, since there are different models and sizes.


Durable construction


A characteristic of linear drains is that they are considered to be a great investment as they are a durable construction. Linear drains as mentioned above can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and these types of drains thanks to their versatility, their easy installation and their materials, make them very resistant and efficient to external conditions. Therefore, installing a linear drain in a shower ensures that it will be a long-lasting construction and will ensure an efficient and a quality shower.


Low maintenance


As they are prepared for both outdoor and indoor use, the maintenance is not very demanding. In both outdoor and indoor, the maintenance is to make sure from time to time that there is nothing obstructing the channel that directs the water to the drain and clean it from time to time to maintain in case of indoor a hygienic bathroom and avoid accumulation of bacteria, with bathroom cleaning products we would keep both the channel and the drain clean.

That is why linear drains are a great investment since they allow us to have an elegant and efficient shower in a very simple, versatile way without installation and maintenance complications.


The most important benefits of linear drain




benefits of linear drain




Linear drains offer a host of advantages that go beyond mere functionality. Let’s explore the advantages that make linear drains an invaluable addition to your space.


The Linear linear streamlines the installation process, making it accessible to professionals and DIYers alike. Its versatile design ensures seamless integration into a variety of environments, making it the preferred choice for those looking for an efficient and easy-to-use solution. Enjoy ease of installation without compromising performance.



Improving accessibility and introducing a sleek, modern aesthetic, these drains eliminate traditional barriers, facilitate movement and redefine the concept of inclusive design. All of this brings a contemporary touch to any space.




Safety is a top priority. Their efficient water flow management reduces the risk of slippery surfaces. The design elements incorporated into these drains play an integral role in ensuring proper water drainage, mitigating the potential for accidents and creating a safer living or working environment. Prioritize safety without compromising style.


Design continuity


Linear Drain integrates seamlessly into various types of flooring, contributing to a harmonious and continuous design flow. Whether used in bathrooms, kitchens or outdoor spaces, these drains add a touch of sophistication while maintaining design cohesion. Witness the transformation as linear drains become an integral part of your overall design narrative, enhancing the visual appeal of your space.


Efficient water drain


Avoiding stagnant pools and potential water damage, adding practicality to your space and improving the longevity of floor materials is one of the best ideas. Invest wisely in the overall maintenance of your environment with the efficiency of Linear Drain, ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.


QM linear Drain


At the forefront of linear drainage technology, QM stands out for its superior performance and durability. Precision engineered, it seamlessly blends functionality with a glam bathroom. Elevate your space with the cutting-edge design and unmatched efficiency of QM Linear Drain for a drainage solution that surpasses the ordinary and ensures a practical and visually stunning space.