5 Tips to Master The Black Bathroom Trend

White, spa-like bathroom days will never be over, but it’s time to make bold decisions on bathroom decor…

Have you ever considered a black bathroom? Keep reading and learn how to master the black bathroom trend.

Most people shy away from black, but the truth is: there’s hardly a shade out there that’s more versatile, especially when paired with its preferred partner: white.

It’s time to put these assumptions and fears aside because black is one of the biggest bathroom trends at the moment!

When incorporated thoughtfully, this neutral, sophisticated, chic and minimalistic color has the power to transform your bathroom into a luxury getaway.

Designers agree that the success of black in a bathroom requires more than just buying a can of black paint.

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind and master the Black Bathroom Trend!

Paint It Black

First, decide what type of material will create the backdrop. For example, black marble is EVERYWHERE nowadays, it’s not only a beautiful trend, but it’s also timeless.

But if you’re looking for more affordable options, we also suggest black porcelain, ceramic tiles, dark stained wood or chalkboard walls.

Shades of Black

Go with different shades of black! Mix it up with more charcoal or gray tones that easily turn your bathroom into a more sophisticated and upscale room.

Bronze Accessories and Drains

You don’t have to go “all black” everywhere to master this decor trend. Black is never going to work for you if you apply it to every surface!

Faucets and accessories in bronze add shimmer and sophistication to an all-black palette. Check out our bronze drains, for a perfect touch! Just remember to keep faucets and accessories in the same finish family to unify the look.

Add Texture to your tiles

If you feel that a black scheme is a little dull, bear in mind that you can use a pattern or a textured tile to create contrast and movement through visual texture.

Remember to add lots of light, and if you have natural light in the room, the textured surface will give the bathroom a dynamic sense of movement.

Let is Shine!

Incorporate mirrors, metals and glass details to add reflectivity to the otherwise light-absorbing space. Reflectivity and shine help the light bounce all around the room making it feel less claustrophobic.