Pompano Beach, Florida – U.S

Based Linear Drain Manufacturer, QM Drain, expands its matte black finish to include their collection of point drains.


Here at QM, we are betting big that black is here to stay. Its sophisticated and elegant appeal endures over the long run, and when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, black is outperforming chrome.

“The demand for black finishes has increased twelvefold in the past 24 months compared to chrome-plated finishes” says Eric Phelps, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for QM Drain.

Point drains are a great option for many projects because of their affordability, but too often the finish assortment for a decorative point drain is limited. QM offers a full portfolio of choices, including matte black, in its Lagos and Delmar series drains.

Lagos offers the most options, including the Veil tile-in and Mira grate square point drains. The Lagos Veil is also available in a 12″ tile-in linear option that’s priced under $160.00.

The Delmar series Lotus in black brings together design, beauty, and unmatched quality in our marine grade 316 stainless steel body with PVD finish technology. The Delmar square drains in black retail between $199.00 and $295.00.
Designers have been using dark finishes to give bathrooms and kitchens a touch of elegance and refinement. “The wide availability of Matte Black finishes across the QM product portfolio, allows consumers to achieve this look regardless of budget”, states Karina Bernoti, CEO and Founder of QM Drain.

More about QM Drain:

QM DRAIN, a global leader in eco-friendly drain manufacturing and design, whose products are recognized for innovation, reliability, quality, and engineering excellence, has been a member of the Quality Metal Group family since 2014.

Material expertise and passion translates to the best product designs, using the highest quality materials, while delivering technological innovations through simplification, quick installation, and guaranteed performance. With over 30 drain options, QM DRAIN offers a wide range of linear and center drains in 3 series, Delmar, Lagos, and Bay. With headquarters in Pomtano Beach, Florida, and distribution in more than 27 countries, QM DRAIN continues to be the choice of discerning consumers and specifiers around the world.