Top 10 Modern And Minimalist Ideas For Your Bathroom

Thanks to contemporary architectural and decorating ideas, homeowners and designers have turned bathroom spaces into unique, cozy and luxurious architectural masterpieces

Whats more, bathroom decoration is booming business and a worthy pastime.

The following ideas for your bathroom will keep you on track in your decoration or designing ventures and guide you as you shop for your decor supplies for your modern and minimalist theme.

  1. Keep it simple

Minimalist is anything but ancient, plain or boring.

Consider this style that exudes elegance and relaxation with its characteristic soft colors, clean lines and serene clutter free spaces with almost no need for decorations and excess details.

In your shopping, remember the style needs few fixtures crafted in simple but sleek designs. Take time to shop around since simple can be classy, pricey and from a designer range as much as from a discount outlet.

  1. Draw inspiration from nature

Add a modern dash to your minimalist trend with nature themed accessories and materials.

Reclaimed timber, rocks and stones, gently flowing water faucets and animal themed carpets and rugs comprise some pickings for your subtle but trendy haven.

On the other hand, rugs in simple geometrical design such as zigzag go well with the minimalist idea.

Add a touch of the colors and prints with towels or a shower curtain that should be matching. Alternatively, use plain towels but ensure they match!

Ideas for your Bathroom los-feliz-bathroom            Source: Dwell

  1. Furniture and store spaces

Go for closed understated vanities or cupboards and cabinets.

Choose a consistent style for latches for doors, cabinets and drawers all through the room.

Endeavor to keep very little furniture characteristic of this bathroom, or keep a versatile modern piece such as a stool that is movable to various locations in the room.

It is wise to choose and keep only accessories used daily. Choose storage to keep items hidden away to create the clutter free look. A shower in the corner or alcove creates an illusion of space in the bathroom.

  1. Streamlined Bathroom fixtures

Tubs, showers and bathrooms in geometric shapes, subtle sculptural forms and crafted from simple architecture should be eye-catching for the theme.

One piece fixtures such as toilets preferably with external flush tanks, mounted or drop-in sinks on walls and a freestanding tub complement the contemporary minimalist theme.

Faucets and their handles in sleek design uphold simplicity of the room.

  1. Choose classic easy to clean materials

Opaque or clear floor to ceiling mirrors, glass and acrylic doors instead of shower curtains keep the room stylish yet easy to clean.

You can never go wrong with materials like white, grey, porcelain and beige tile; marble, soapstone, stone slab, dark wood and quartz.

Add pebbles, candles, a vase or some wood like tiles to give your home spa some warmth in case you feel the minimalist colors are too institutional or cold.

  1. Lighting

The right accessories and fixtures can turn a nice bathroom into a dream bathroom.

Shop for ultra-modern mirrors and lighting fixtures with appropriate lighting quality to accessorize your striking bathroom and enhance the theme.

If possible, take advantage of natural lights such as sunlight streaming in through large windows or the roof.

  1. Choose subtle colours

Paint the walls in soft, unobtrusive colors such as white, blue, metal grey, beige or pink and remember to pick a paint brand that is easy to keep clean. 

Create large open, airy spaces with your color scheme for a bathroom where you will feel refreshed, relaxed and satisfied at the end of the day.

  1. Make it organic

Add some greenery with a plant, some white flowers and thick, soft towels to make your bath come alive.

This idea adds intrigue to your interior design and works well with both renovation and new bathroom plans.

If you are revamping your decor, the organic touch will give your minimalist bath the evergreen touch to keep it interesting and new through the years.

  1. Use primary shapes

Make a bold statement with a primary shape such as a circle or oval on mirrors, tubs and sinks across the bath.

Matching sets of towel rings, rails or holders, with WC toilet brush holder, WC roll holder, glass or mug holder and soap dish holder are another trick that will show every visitor to your bath the great passion put into the decorating.

  1. Where to shop

Find your quality bathroom ware and accessories in online stores, bath stores, clearance sales, retail outlets and catalogs.  

As you make your choice, see whether your supplier offers installation services for purchases if you lack the skills to make the installation yourself, to ensure you get value for your money.

Though the minimalist theme dates centuries back, it remains an ageless design. Your decoration choices lie between choosing accessories and fixtures!