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Why Choose a Linear Drain?

So what is a linear drain?

A linear drain is an elongated rectilinear form for water egress (exit) that maximizes capturing the flow of water towards a single exit port to deliver the most efficient removal of liquid from the shower basin.

 It is the new trend in decorative plumbing but the idea has been around for a while in institutional and industrial application.

 The important features that you need to know about purchasing linear drains.…

Linear drains do more than look cool and are far beyond an embellishment but an improvement.

This essential part of the plumbing system of your shower is now an architectural focal point not just for wastewater but to enhance the complete aesthetic of the space.

There are many aspects of the linear drain that makes them an intelligent unique choice due to the different options from a desirable fashion point of view.

Linear drains are an enhanced drainage method and they offer a minimalist seamless look to any shower.

This remarkable simple way of getting rid of excess water is becoming the fastest-growing segment of luxury plumbing.

For an idea to become a usable practical option, it requires choices and variety.

These drains are available in different lengths, style choices, and finishes to meet the needs of any individual consumer and design professional.

A good drain made of a recyclable material such as stainless steel can deliver a great deal of value, functionality and style.

Here are some important considerations and information when choosing a linear drain.

This list explains some of the important benefits that make linear drains a smart purchase for your home:

    1. Installation – easy to install is a hallmark of exact sized linear drains. To be more technical, they require the shower floor to be sloped in one direction toward the drain, instead of the center drain requires sloping the floor in four different ways toward the drain.
    2. Curbless / Barrier – Using linear drains removes the traditional step over the curb in a traditional tub or shower, so you can have what they call a “barrier free” entrance to the shower. This is and easy transition from the dry area to the wet one now can be in your home.
    3. Safety – 2.5 million people ever year are injured in home related accidents by falling. This resulting cost is 34 billion dollars. By 2030, 1in 5 Americans will be over 65, so removing any form of encumbrance just makes good practical sense. It improves the quality of life and removes the fear factor in showering. Linear drains allow for wheel chair access and are ADA (American Disability Act) compliant.
    4. Design Continuity – Designers love to use linear drains. The same floor tile that is used in the bathroom and shower area can be installed using the Tile-in option of linear drains so the surface is uninterrupted by visual detraction. There are no limitation on the tile size or slab material that can be used. Tile in drains are the one of the most popular options.Linear Drain Delta
  1. Versatility – Long lines and clean design of the linear drain are attractive and has more installation opportunities. It can be placed in different parts of the shower making it more versatile than center drains. One of the best places for a linear drain is at the entrance of the shower or the back wall opposite to the entrance.
  2. Maintenance – Linear drains are easy to clean depending on the material they are manufactured in. Water and soap are the recommended method of cleaning. A good linear drain will have a removable debris basket. This can prevent clogging your pipes, one of the most frequent and expressive problems in any home.

Linear Drain used in bathroom


The point of interior design is to complement our way of living and allow our standard of living to be appreciable….easier and better. Linear drains do that.