How to Choose The Best Shower Drain

How to Choose The Best Shower Drain

At the core of every great shower is a great shower drain. But which drain is the right one for your shower? Sure you want to choose the best shower drain and avoid a cheap or quick fix. Keep reading and learn how to choose the right drain for your shower and what to look for.

Well, it’s actually simple: the best shower drain for you is the one you love how it looks while serving it’s purpose the best way possible. Before people weren’t even asked what type of shower drain they preferred, the constructor would only choose any cheap fix; but nowadays most house owners are far more educated and rather pick the ones that mix both style and functionality.

Here are some of the styles we recommend when choosing the best shower drain!

Linear Drains

Both functional and elegant, linear drains are perfect for every house owner looking for innovation and functionality. This modern design is now very popular among well-known decorators and young homeowners. 

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Center Drains or Square Drains

A more traditional option, this is the perfect fit for those who love a classic style. With more installation versatility than linear, these are the most common, yet stylish, found drains in any bathroom.

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