Bay is our basic intro line to linear shower drains. Made entirely of Stainless Steel 304 for excellent corrosion resistance.

Bay Standard Length

Linear Drain

“Our basic intro line to linear shower drains”. The Bay series offers a highly innovative 2 in 1 reversible grate system linear drain and our all new Ria grated linear drain. Bay comes in the two most popular lengths to match the most standard shower sizes.

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    Bay Ria Linear Drain


Available lengths:

24” & 36”.


Made with stainless steel 304 from top to bottom.

Variable positioning:

Versatile, can be installed anywhere in the shower and can be combined with all standard tile formats.

Easy cleaning:

Completely removable grate and a hair strainer that fits inside the drain to collect hair and other debris, preventing clogged pipes.


Pre-sloped low profile channel, ideal for new and renovation projects and generally for all bathrooms where space is tight.


2” center located outlet.