Perforated Adjustable Delmar Linear Drain

Adjustable Linear Drain: Adjust length and position outlet on site
Placement: Versatile, allows you to pitch your surface from any direction
Outlet: 2″ Outlet or 3″ High Flow Outlet
Material: 100% Stainless Steel Marine 316
Finishes: Satin and Polished
Kit sizes: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” & 96” Note: Choose the kit with equal or greater size than the length wanted; for longer lengths drain connect kits to build the desire length
Kit includes: Grate, Base, Outlet, Joiners, Trims, Hair Strainer, Threaded Nipple/Adaptor, Leveling Legs, Key, Sikaflex Sealant, and Stainless Steel Cutting Blade for grinder

Install with Standard waterproofing method


SKU: 33.620.36 33.620.36P 33.620.48 33.620.48P 33.620.60 33.620.60P 33.620.72 33.620.72P 33.620.96 33.620.96P 33.620.36HF 33.620.36PHF 33.620.48HF 33.620.48PHF 33.620.60HF 33.620.60PHF 33.620.72HF 33.620.72PHF 33.620.96HF 33.620.96PHF Categories: , , , ,


SKU - 2″ Outlet

SKU Satin SKU Polished Size
33.620.36 33.620.36P 36”
33.620.48 33.620.48P 48”
33.620.60 33.620.60P 60”
33.620.72 33.620.72P 72”
33.620.96 33.620.96P 96”

SKU - 3″ HF Outlet

SKU Satin SKU Polished Size
33.620.36 HF 33.620.36P HF 36”
33.620.48 HF 33.620.48P HF 48”
33.620.60 HF 33.620.60P HF 60”
33.620.72 HF 33.620.72P HF 72”
33.620.96 HF 33.620.96P HF 96”


2″ Outlet Technical Spec

3″ Outlet Technical Spec

Architectural Spec + CAD 

Installation instructions

Linear Drain Installation Instructions

 Watch installation video

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