Wedgewire Adjustable Linear Drain

Influenced by naturally exposing forms and pushing raw materials beyond the wire

Adjustable Linear Drain: Adjust length and position outlet on site
Versatile, allows you to pitch your surface from any direction
100% Stainless Steel Marine 316
Kit sizes: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72” & 96”
Kit includes:
Grate, Base, Outlet, Joiners, Trims, Hair Strainer, Threaded Nipple/Adaptor, Leveling Legs, Key, Sikaflex Sealant, and Stainless Steel Cutting Blade for grinder
Satin and Polished
Install with: 
Standard waterproofing methods


QM Linear Adjustable Drain Spec Sheet

Architectural Spec + CAD + BIM
Installation manual:
QM Linear Adjustable Drain Installation Instructions

Watch the installation video
Standard installation for concrete slab
Watch the installation video


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