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Reasons To Choose A Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower is a perfect solution for those wanting a convenient and modern style in their bathroom.

These showers have quickly become much more popular than the traditional shower/tub combination due to their practicality and use of space.

Let’s back it up here and quickly define what a walk-in shower is. A walk-in shower is a shower that you don’t have to step in or over anything to get in and does not have any hinged doors, hence the term “walk-in”.

The seamless entry of these doorless showers offers a statement-making design. Here are some of the top reasons to choose a walk-in shower for your next bathroom remodels.

1. Space Saver

A walk-in shower is a great space saver because it eliminates the need for a basin tub as well as the outward space required to open a hinged door.

Without having to take into account, the area needed for the swing of a shower door you open up your bathroom remodel to more design options.

A walk-in shower can be any size or shape you need it be allowing you to fit it in tight or unusual spaces.

They also permit the use of a jetted tub since they are completely separate providing you with a spa-like feel to your bathroom remodel.

2. Practicality

Walk-in showers are very advantageous for their practicality and ease.

The practical design is ideal for children, the elderly, or those who have mobility issues since they don’t have to step over anything to enter the shower.

Since the size is customizable, you can install dual shower heads giving you more space and a more luxurious feeling to your shower.

Walk-in showers are the only option available for those who are completely wheelchair bound to be able to have some control over their showering.

3. Endless Style Options

The walk-in shower is not just a practical and space saving option; it also provides a stylish and modern design to your bathroom remodel.

The design of the shower is completely up to you; you can go as lavish or simplistic as you want with every detail being your choice.

Due to its customizability for space, you’re not limited to options based on the size of your bathroom like you would be with other shower or bath choices.

The sleek and minimalist look is often the choice of design for walk-in showers such as glass enclosures. The dramatic statement of the walk-in shower will create a stunning bathroom and add to your home value.

4. Minimal Cost and Maintenace

The walk-in shower may seem to be a luxury item however the price tag doesn’t reflect that.

Due to its simplistic design, the walk in is an affordable option for your bathroom remodel.

This style of shower eliminates the need for waterproofing and expensive fixtures and fittings.

Walk-in showers also afford an ease of maintenance, unlike any other option.

Minimal hardware and design mean minimal cleaning and maintenance for the shower.

Without any handles, doors, hinges, or basins to scrub your shower will be much easier to clean and have much less to worry about in terms of replacements.

Since the floor should be designed to have the flow of the water run off into the drain, you’ll have very minimal buildup ad most grime and dirt will be wash towards the drain and not collect on the sides of the shower.

All that’s needed top clean will be the shower head, faucets, and quick wipe downs of the tiles as you would have with any other shower.