Sales Representatives

Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida Panhandle

Will & Pierce Agency

(601) 940-2210
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Cooper New England Sales, Inc.

(203) 720-7161
Eastern Central Pennsylvania, Southern New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC.

Dans Company

(410) 712-7220
Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Southern Wisconsin

Performance Sales & Marketing Group

(847) 358-6884

JW Sales, Inc.
Minnesota, Wisconsin, South & North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska

Stabeck Sales and Marketing

(952) 545-2050
NY: City (5 boroughs) + Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County. NJ: North and East NY state border, West Pennsylvania, and majority of Ocean County and Northern section of Burlington County

Metro Sales Group

(516) 616-4650
Northern California

The Diablo Group

(408) 461-1245
Ohio, West Virginia, Western PA.

Rep Source

(740) 927-6880

CornerStone Sales, Inc

(918) 760-5032
South & North Carolina, Georgia

Celerity Sales and Strategy, LLC

(803) 517-4985
Southern CA, Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas

Vision Sales Group

(949) 329-2250
Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansa


(615) 350-8334

Focus Kitchen and Bath Sales, LLC

(214) 450-6383
Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho

Ridgway and Associates, LLC

(208) 841-0269
Puerto Rico

MF3 Manufacturers Representative, Inc

(787) 502-4271
Central America and Caribbean Island

TEM International Reps, LLC

(239) 331-3895
Canadian Provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North Western Ontario, Alberta

District Sales Co.

(306) 584-8008

If you couldn’t find a Sales Representative in your State or Country, please contact us

QM Drain

E-mail: I Phone (954) 773 9450