Multifunctional Shower Drain

Immerse yourself in innovation with our multifunctional Shower Drain, where the wild imagination of the sea merges with exceptional functionality. Our multifunctional linear drains offer a unique shower experience, simulating the beauty and freedom of the ocean. Discreet and stylish, these minimalistic yet refined drains elevate your bathroom to new heights

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Seamless Integration

At multifunctional Shower Drain, we take pride in presenting a drainage solution that is not only functional but also seamlessly integrates with your style. The discretion and elegance of our products are unparalleled, providing a visually appealing experience that complements any bathroom design.



Supreme’s superior design provides an exceptional 8” range from the center of the shower, enabling easy centering of the drain without relocating the existing pipe.



Features an internal rail system allowing the grate to be positioned differently from the base and outlet, offering optimal drain centering flexibility.


The drain base boasts an offset 2” outlet, facilitating rotation for left or right positioning, with adjustable sliders to connect the grate independently.

Premium Material:

Crafted from 100% Stainless Steel Marine 316, ensuring durability and longevity.

Easy Installation:

Compatible with standard waterproofing methods.

Versatile Application:

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor showers, offering versatility and adaptability for diverse installation scenarios.