Outdoor Invisible Drain

Explore innovation in drains with our Invisible Outdoor Drain series. These decorative covers not only offer exceptional strength but also add a touch of discreet elegance to any outdoor setting. Precision engineered to be virtually invisible, these covers seamlessly merge functionality with style, transforming your outdoor space into a haven of sophistication.

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  • Invisible Outdoor Modular Drain System

Invisible Drain

Introducing our Invisible Linear Drains for Outdoor. Seamlessly blending into your outdoor enviroment, these discreet drins offer both functionality and elegance. 


Prefabricated Modular Drainage Channel System:

Designed for use with tile, providing a seamless, integrated look that blends with your outdoor space.

100% Watertight Design:

Ensures effective evacuation of surface water, preventing water accumulation and potential slip hazards.

Suitable for Both Internal and External Use:

It is a versatile solution for various settings such as terraces, pools, health and wellness centers, and sports facilities.

Thermo-Sealed Waterproofing:

On all sides of the channel ensures complete sealing, providing extra protection against water infiltration and moisture damage.

Easy Assembly:

And joint between pieces for a fast, hassle-free installation that saves time and effort.

Perfect Tightness:

Between channels, use our adhesive to further enhance water-tightness and prevent leaks.

High-Performance Polyurethane Material:

With UV protection for added durability and long-lasting performance.

Low profile Design:

Pre-sloped in V for easy and fast water flow, effectively preventing water from stagnating in the channel and ensuring efficient drainage