Bay Series (100% SS304)

Welcome to the Bay Series, a special line of drains designed and created exclusively to meet the specific plumbing requirements in Latin America and the Caribbean. With a focus on quality and functionality, the Bay Series offers a range of drains crafted from 100% stainless steel SS304, ensuring durability and reliability tailored to the unique needs of the region. Experience peace of mind knowing that our Bay Series drains are engineered to withstand the challenges of tropical climates while delivering optimal performance

Trust in the Bay Series to provide the perfect solution for your plumbing needs, backed by the quality and expertise of our products.

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    Bay Ria Linear Drain

  • Bay Linear Drain Reversible 2 in 1 Grate

  • Ria Center Drain – Square

  • Ria Center Drain – Round

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These export drains have been meticulously developed, taking into consideration the unique needs of the region. With a special focus on durability, efficiency, and adaptability, the Bay Series ensures reliable solutions for plumbing projects in these locations. Discover the outstanding quality and performance designed to meet industry standards and requirements in this vibrant and diverse region.



Centrally located, four-way pitched drain and can be combined with all standard tile formats.


4” x 4” & 5 ¾” x 5 ¾”, except Kai, which is also available in an 8 ” x 8″ with a 3 ” high flow outlet.


Made with stainless steel marine grade 316 from top to bottom.


2” center located outlet and 3” center located outlet only in Kai 8” x 8”.

Easy cleaning:

Completely removable grate and a hair strainer that fits inside the drain to collect hair and other debris, preventing clogged pipes.

Easy installation:

Threaded Adaptor with rubber O-ring aids adjusting the height of drain and securing the drain to the flange.


Indoor and outdoor showers.