Delmar Supreme

Linear Drain

A unique linear shower drain that solves one of the biggest problems facing installers and plumbers in construction and remodeling, eliminating the need to relocate existing plumbing when the water outlet is located a few inches off-center.
This award winning product offers an independent base that houses an internal rail system which enables the grate to be in a different position than the base and the outlet.

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    Supreme’s superior design provides a flexible 8” range from the center of the shower, allowing you to center your drain without moving the existing pipe.

    Variable positioning:

    Versatile, can be installed anywhere except shower entrance and can be combined with all standard tile formats.


    Supreme is made using stainless steel marine grade 316.


    Drain base has an offset 2” outlet. This feature allows you to rotate the base to accommodate a left or right position and the sliders adjust to connect the grate in a different position than the outlet.


    Indoor and outdoor showers.

    Variety of lengths:

    30”, 40”, 50” & 60”. The grate can be cut to your specific length and multiple drains can be aligned to accommodate multiple outlets.

    Easy installation:

    Threaded adaptor with rubber O-ring aids adjusting the height of linear drain and securing the linear drain to the flange.

    Easy cleaning:

    Removable grate and a hair strainer that fits inside the drain to collect hair and other debris, preventing clogged pipes.

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