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10 Designer-Approved Tips For A Stylish Bathroom

Tips for a stylish bathroom are a consistent interest for all homeowners.

Looking for new ways to style this room and make it look chic without any effort, or extra costs, is something we all crave.

Here are 10 designer-approved tips for a stylish bathroom:

  1. Black Is Back

    Without any doubt, black is effortlessly chic. Using this color is not only elegant but helps small spaces look bigger.

  2. Mix & Match Textures

    To play with a far more interesting visual and tactile experience try to mix soft textures to creates contrast with other hard bathroom surfaces.

  3. Add Furniture

    Bring a comfortable and cozy element to your cold looking bathroom adding unexpected elements like a chaise lounge or a fireplace to create an inviting space.

  4. Art, Art, Art

    Adding the right piece of art to your bathroom can transform your space into a place for reflection and relaxation.

  5. Go Green

    Integrate elements of the outdoors to create an environment that reflects the beauty of nature. Add plants in the bathroom not only for a beautiful detail but thriving in high moisturized rooms.

  6. Defy Tradition

    Challenge traditional features in your bathroom by using modern materials and clean lines.

  7. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

    Mirrors in all sizes and shapes can really make a difference. Interesting pieces can always be a really good focal point over sinks and walls.

  8. Guest Bathroom Fun

    Have some fun decorating spare bathrooms! Play with design adding some drama to the rooms using dark materials.

  9. Less Is More… Is It?

    Bathroom accessories, from stools to storage, gives you endless options for changing up the look of your bathroom.

  10. Play With Finishing Touches

    Alternating between matte and polished finishes when choosing fixtures will give your bathroom a more interesting look.

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