Color Trends You Can’t Miss On 2021

Color trends for this new year have been set! Yes, it’s 2021, which means one thing: It’s time to update your home decor with these trends that will surely define the year.

Every year we let trends into our houses spreading all over our homes as textures and decorative elements, but it’s always the color trends that make the most difference among all!

Dusky blues, spicy reds, and lime greens are among the colors designed to capture your attention this year. Stay tuned and don’t miss out on this year’s color trends ahead!

2021’s Latest Color Trends!

Dusky Blue

Intended to recall the colors of the ocean, this beachy shade will turn your home into a relaxing paradise. This color is also great to highlight whites! Check this dusky blue paint color from Benjamin Moore!

Perfect for adding some drama to your home when combined with orange! Also on trend: light blue-green. 

Sunshine Yellow

You will feel immediately happier when walking into your home with this radiant color. Give it a try! Add sunshine yellow details into your home with these cushions we found on Etsy!

Mineral Gray

Dark grays are perfect to kick a traditional style up a notch. It also works to help highlight other colored elements in the room. Sherwin-Williams’ mineral gray paint color is perfect for adding this trend into your home!

Pastel Pink

This ultra-feminine shade helps accentuates a space’s natural light! Add bold pastel pink furniture into your home like this chair!

As you’ve noticed, it’s all about pale pastels in range this year, mostly characterized by light shades of pink, blue, and yellow guaranteed to make small spaces like bathrooms pop! If you’re feeling a bit shy about this trends, try adding elements of color to your bathroom first!