5 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Modern Shower

Looking for ideas to freshen up your modern shower without remodeling?

Here we’ll give you five easy ideas to turn your bathroom into a whole new space (or at least it will feel like it). Small modifications can make a big difference!

Update your bathroom with these ideas to freshen up your modern shower:

Change Your Shower Curtain!

The most obvious changes to make are mostly the ones we mostly ignore!

Changing your old shower curtain for a new one will make your shower feel brand new. Try simple colors and materials that don’t get damaged so easily.

Clear as Glass

You can replace your shower curtains or take it to the next level: replacing them with clear glass! This is a great way to give your shower a sleek look while making smaller spaces look bigger. Also, it allows light to filter through.

Add a Bench

Give your shower a functional spa-like feel with a bench. If you don’t have any room for one, opt for a folding wall mounted seat or a shower stool instead.

Modern Shower Ideas to Open it Up

Transform your shower with a curbless shower! It will make it a more accessible, opened up space, creating an eye-catching focal point that feels more like an extension of the room.

Lighting Magic!

Find lighting that makes the room feel inviting and illuminates guests in the most attractive way to make it feel like a whole new room!