Satin Gold

Ria Linear Drain

Easy clean
Easy installation
ADA compliant

Linear Drain Standard Length
Placement: Versatile, allows you to pitch your surface from any direction.
Base: Pre-sloped Plain Edge.
Outlet: 2” center location.
Material: 100% Stainless Steel 304.
Finishes: Satin, Polished, Satin Gold, & Black.
Sizes: 24” & 36”.
Accessories included: Anti-Odor, Lifting Key, Plastic Legs, and Threaded Nipple.

Install with standard waterproofing methods.

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Size Satin Polished Satin Gold Matte Black
24″ 38.200.24ST 38.200.24PS 38.200.24GD 38.200.24BK
36″ 38.200.36ST 38.200.36PS 38.200.36GD 38.200.36BK

Ria Linear Drain technical specifications

Installation Instructions – Standard Waterproofing

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