Invisible Shower Drains

Explore innovation in drains with our “Invisible Shower Drain” series. These decorative drain covers not only provide exceptional strength but also bring a touch of discreet elegance to any bathroom space. Precision-designed to be virtually invisible, these covers seamlessly blend functionality with style, transforming your shower into an oasis of sophistication.

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  • Invisible Outdoor Modular Drain System

  • Invisible Square Drain

  • Invisible Linear Drain

  • Invisible Shower Tray

Invisible Drain

Each cover has been meticulously crafted to be resilient and adaptable to any environment, offering a discreet yet effective solution for water drainage in your bathroom. Enjoy impeccable style and unparalleled functionality with these drain covers that seamlessly integrate, adding a touch of modernity to your bathroom space.


Sophisticated Hidden Drain System:

Engineered with a concealed system that utilizes perimeter joints of tiles, allowing water to invisibly flow through the base to the drain outlet, maintaining a seamless and elegant appearance.

Streamlined Easy Installation:

Modern waterproofing process includes premium Superdry waterproof membrane.

Seamless Step-Free Experience:

Provides uninterrupted and barrier-free shower experience, adaptable for curbed showers without compromising design integrity.

Enhanced Thermo-Sealed Waterproofing:

Fortified with thermo-sealed waterproofing along the edge for complete sealing at vulnerable points, contributing to longevity and water resistance.

Optimal Cleanliness:

Self-cleaning, treated with antibacterial and fungicidal agents, ensuring the highest sanitary standards. Designed to allow for easy tile lifting, providing access for thorough cleaning.

Designed for Large-Format Tiles:

Compatible with large-format tiles, ensuring uniform and attractive finish across drain area.

Low-Profile Design for Versatility:

Slim height of just 0.78 inches (20mm) suitable for various subfloor types, including wood and concrete, preserving sleek aesthetics without raising bathroom floor.