Glam bathroom: what is it?

A glam bathroom is a space focused on luxury and elegance. It is meticulously furnished and equipped with elements that add not only functionality, but also luxury to the environment. Luxurious bathrooms feature high-end design features, such as elegant fixtures, sophisticated quality lighting materials and details. In first class, materials such as fine premium marble tiles and 304 and 316 stainless steel are often used. 

The spatial layout is intended to achieve a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness, while creating a comfortable and luxurious environment for users.

Glam and stylish bathroom tips

There is a wide catalog with many types of bathroom design, in which you can combine different types of sinks with different shower heads, colors, etc. 

That’s why it’s important to keep these designer-approved tips in mind when installing any of these glam bathrooms. These guidelines will help you create a modern bathroom guide and build a trendy bathroom with a chic look.

Black is black

In modern stylish bathroom designs, choosing black can add a touch of contemporary chic, the key for having an elegant black bath is to play with different textures, different shades of black and the lighting. This will build an illusion of more spaces.

Add furniture

It is important to build a modern and cozy bathroom. So implement furniture to your glamorous bathroom such as a fireplace or a cheslon, to give it a different atmosphere and luxurious touch.

Go green

These days it’s very common to have art in bathrooms as we have mentioned before, but lately, more and more people are implementing plants into their bathrooms in order to have a trendy bathroom.  
There are many types of plant that you can implement in your modern bathrooms, for example you can implement a monstera plant with a zamioculcas plant, these are two types of plant that adapt to humidity and give a very tropical view to your bath and build a relaxation atmosphere. 

Defy Tradition

Challenging tradition in a glam bathroom

We challenge traditional features into modern and technological designs that allow you to build stylish bathrooms with cleaner lines.

A good example of a clean and a linear design in drains are the “invisible linear square”  or the “invisible shower tray”. These designs are revolutionary because the floor of your bathroom will be flat and covered creating a clean and luxury style bathroom challenging completely to the traditional features.

Mirror on the wall

The mirrors are a fundamental part for a glam bathroom. That’s why when we are restoring or building a bathroom we need to take into account what type of style of bathroom we want and in order to follow a line of style.  
For modern baths we can choose different types of mirrors, from sizes to shapes.  Mirrors have to transmit freshness and elegance. In modern baths, the mirrors need to have the ability to amplify and reflect multiple walls with high lighting or the end of your furniture, basically they need to reflect the furniture that delimit the space to give an essence of spaciousness . 

Less is more

What we want to say with less is more is that if you choose the furniture correctly and add bathroom accessories like stools of storage or bathroom shelves, you can build endless options for styling your bathroom. That is why if you want to have a glorious bathroom you need to have into account all of these details and the different designs to give a modern or a trendy touch to the bathroom.

Play with finishing touches

Playing with different accessories like soap dispensers and towel racks or alternating with matte or polished finishes when you are choosing the fixtures can cause a big difference.  These small finishing touches can make the looking of your bathroom rather old and traditional to a modern stylish bathroom.  

That is why you need to have into account all the variables that we have talked about before when you are building your bathroom in order to have a glamorous bathroom.

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