Satin Gold

Supreme Delmar

Flexibility: Its superior design provides a flexible 8-inch range from the center of the shower, allowing you to center your drain without moving the existing pipe.
Placement: Versatile, allows you to pitch your surface from any direction.
Base: houses an internal rail system which enables the grate to be in a different position than the base and the outlet.
Grate: can be cut to your specific length and multiple drains can be aligned to accommodate multiple outlets.
Outlet: Offset 2″ Outlet. This feature allows you to rotate the base to accommodate a left or right position.
Material: 100% Stainless Steel Marine 316.
Finishes: Satin, Polished, Satin Gold, and Black.
Sizes: 30”, 40”, 50”, 60”.
Kit includes: Grate, Base, Hair Strainer, Threaded Nipple/Adaptor, Wedges, Level, Key, and Stainless Steel Cutting Blade for grinder (only for Satin).

Install with standard waterproofing method.

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Size Satin Polished Satin Gold Matte Black
30″ 33.800.30ST 33.800.30PS 33.800.30GD 33.800.30BK
40″ 33.800.40ST 33.800.40PS 33.800.40GD 33.800.40BK
50″ 33.800.50ST 33.800.50PS 33.800.50GD 33.800.50BK
60″ 33.800.60ST 33.800.60PS 33.800.60GD 33.800.60BK

Delmar Supreme specifications

Drain system: 

Installation Instructions – Standard Waterproofing

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